Professional Landmen's Association of New Orleans - PLANO

President's Message

Message From the PLANO President

In early 2014, when I was elected to become Vice President of PLANO (and stand in the on deck circle for the presidential seat), oil was going through what many felt was a slump, selling at a mere $90/bbl. Now, standing at the plate as President, I’ve many times found myself excited to see oil prices eclipse the $35 mark (as I’m writing this, WTI is hovering around $30). My, how times have changed! As an association that’s been around since 1953, PLANO has weathered similar storms, and has come out of numerous downturns stronger and more resilient. You, the PLANO members, have elected a very experienced, diverse Board of Directors that is all too familiar with how difficult these downturns can be for our profession. Rest assured, the decline in oil prices and the effect it has on your jobs is at the heart of the Board’s discussion, each time we meet.
 When you ask seasoned Land professionals why they stuck with the profession during and after difficult times, part of the response will, more often than not, include “the people”. The relationships we build while being actively involved in Land work keep us coming back for more. As your President, I will ensure that you are given opportunities to continue development of your professional network, and foster relationships that are so critical during these trying times. Also, maintaining focus on education – by providing affordable educational opportunities and keeping you informed of developments in our industry -- is now especially important, so that you are well equipped for growth, once the storm passes. Now underway are a few initiatives to deliver on these key goals.
 First, in November, the first of many Legal Updates was distributed to membership. The goal of these Updates is to provide a resource for common issues encountered by Landmen, and also to address legal and regulatory changes that may be of concern to you. Second, changes are being made to improve PLANO’s website and online capability. Enabling online payment by credit card, providing helpful links and making the site more user-friendly are among the key goals of this initiative. And last, but certainly not least, in December, a member survey was distributed to membership. As a result of the survey, the Board of Directors will possess a better understanding of the demographics, needs, and desires of the membership, and be able to plan social/educational offerings, accordingly.
 These key initiatives aside, I encourage any of you to call/email me and/or any of the members of the Board of Directors with any feedback or questions you may have. The contact information of each Board member will now be posted on PLANO’s website.
 Thank you for your continued involvement in PLANO!
 Ryan G. Schneider
 PLANO President – 2015-2016