Professional Landmen's Association of New Orleans - PLANO

History of PLANO - The 1990s

Monthly socials during happy hour were begun in January 1990, on a cash basis, in order that PLANO members might meet more often on an informal basis.

Executive Night, which had been tentatively scheduled for late October, was postponed until 1990 due to the inability to secure a "political" speaker. Henson Moore, the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Energy, was the speaker for Executive Night held on May 17, 1990 at the Fairmont Hotel.

The PLANO "$1,000 Endowment Fund" was created in 1990 to benefit PLANO's Community Relations Program. Under the program, donations up to $1,000 were solicited from industry and matched dollar for dollar by PLANO. An initial contribution in the amount of $250 was made by Amoco Production Company. Funds were to be used in support of charitable projects such as PLANO's work with underprivileged children and battered women.

PLANO's PEBLE program continued to be active, with approximately one presentation per month being made to area schools by PLANO members.

In January 1990, PLANO sponsored its first 4-day seminar in Beaver Creek, Colorado. The seminar, dubbed "Rocky Mountain High," attracted 90 members and 40 guests and earned over $6,000 in revenue.

The PLANO By-Laws were amended in 1990 to grant voting rights to Associate Members and to permit their election to the Board of Directors; however, the office of President continued to be reserved for Active Members.

At the annual AAPL meeting held in San Antonio in June 1990, the PLANO Auxiliary was recognized as the "Outstanding Ladies Auxiliary."

The AAPL changed its name in 1990 from the American Association of Petroleum Landmen to the American Association of Professional Landmen, in order to correctly reflect the fact that hard rock landmen are also represented by AAPL. The idea that PLANO might also implement such a name change was broached and later implemented. Effective April 16, 2002, the Petroleum Landmen's Association of New Orleans changed its name to the Professional Landmen's Association of New Orleans.

NOTICE: The PLANO History Project is seeking PLANO records for the period of time from 1991 to present. The files provided for the project contain no records after 1990; therefore, until additional records are located, the project cannot be completed. Please contact Ed DeWailly or Janet Aschaffenburg if you have any records that may assist in this effort. We thank you for your contribution.

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History of PLANO